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World's Most Advanced Marketing Automation Tool for Local Businesses

The Only Marketing Tool You Need To


Generate Customers

Empower your customers to refer your business to all their friends and family members. All referrals and rewards are tracked automatically so there’s no record-keeping to do. With our proprietary affiliate network program, you can also get referrals from nearby businesses!


Boost Retention

With Referrizer, you get a fully automated and track-able loyalty system that keeps your customers coming back! Our unique SMS and email marketing platforms also help keep your customers fully engaged, almost like you’re personally reaching out to each one of them!


Enhance Reputation

Referrizer helps you own and control your reputation on major review sites like Yelp and Google – 100% automated. Our system incentivizes your customers to post reviews, protects you against malicious posts, and lets you address negative feedback before it goes public!

Some Of Our Clients

These companies, along with many others, love Referrizer.

Coming from Latin America, I know how important word of mouth is. For a while I tried various methods to bring in more referrals. Referrizer did everything I needed, from tracking to massive referrals via social media… And these guys totally exceeded my expectations with the employee incentives, loyalty program and landing pages!


Fusion Latin Cuisine - over 90 referrals in 90 days!

The loyalty program works like a charm. Our repeat visits increased substantially after we partnered up with Referrizer. The SMS module also helps us fill slow days as we can launch special offers and engage our customers instantaneously!


7e Fit Spa - increased retention by 35%

Grow your business organically.

With Referrizer, you can attract the highest quality customers who spend more and keep coming back.

We Integrate With

  • mindbody
  • yelp
  • google
  • setmore
  • gmail
  • zoho
  • salesforce
  • quickbooks
  • shopify
  • constantcontact
  • callrail
  • wordpress

and many others.

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