The Client (Business owner) hereby engages the Provider (Referrizer) to provide services as described under “Scope and Manner of Services.”  The Provider hereby agrees to provide the Client with such services in exchange for consideration under “Payment for Services Rendered.”



PRODUCT DEFINITION – Provider offers the Referrizer which includes but not limited to the following features:

  1. Allows Client to have access to a full service Referral, loyalty and reward program.
  2. Client has the ability to capture email addresses and phone numbers of existing customers or upload previously managed database to our server.
  3. Through its automated platform Referrizer generates emails or text messages to customers which can be shared with customers’ network of family and friends via Social Media such as Facebook & Twitter, as well as via SMS and Email.


RESPONSIBILITIES OF PROVIDER – Provider responsibilities include the following:

  1. Provider will set up one backend application as per customer’s requirement
  2. Provider will provide Client with options of various custom fitted templates to choose “look and feel” format for vouchers and marketing materials
  3. Provider will provide full training to Client to ensure that Client can efficiently manage the system
  4. Provider will provide ongoing support for all maintenance issues based on ongoing monthly service charge
  5. Provider will maintain it’s servers to ensure scalability and avoid any unnecessary disruption of service other than scheduled maintenance
  6. Provider maintains that all customers’ email addresses captured will only be used for the promotion of Client’s business and not be exchanged or sold to any other businesses or third party without written consent.
  7. Provider guarantees that its product and processes meet all requirements of the Consumer Privacy Protection laws and will abide by these laws at all times.
  8. Provider is not responsible for any damage caused by backend or anything related to Referrizer Platform.
  9. Provider will keep data confidential and secure with PCI Compliant SSL Secure Environment
  10. Provider will not raise pricing structure at any time during the agreed period.
  11. Provider will update Client about changes and new updates coming through the portal.



Client responsibilities include but not limited to the following:

  1. Client is responsible the timely approval of all artwork and marketing material provided by Provider. Delays on the part of Client will result in longer turnaround time for the launching of marketing campaigns of which Referrizer will not be held responsible.
  2. Client is responsible for capturing email addresses of customers and new client registration.  Client understands and agrees that it must have its staff regularly and consistently capture email addresses into the backend in order to maximize the potential of the Referrizer marketing campaigns.  Client agrees that failure to capture email addresses on a regular basis, within reason, will result in lowered performance of which Referrizer will not be held responsible.
  3. Client must maintain effective internet connections at its location
  4. Client must maintain in its documentation to customer’s that email addresses captured from customers are only for the use of future marketing and sending of offers and will not be sold or used by any third party.
  5. Client is responsible to honor any offer presented through Referrizer system to new and existing customers and at no time will Referrizer will held liable for honoring of any offers to any customers
  6. Merchant will pay Cash Value to Affiliates (Referral Businesses) directly with ACH, Cash, Check or through our System
  7. Data ownership: Client can email market to customers but cannot export data for third party applications without expressed written request to Provider. All contacts initially imported are available for export without any limitations. New contacts export generated by Provider will be subject to approval.




Client agrees to pay monthly subscription fee using credit card or or ACH Debit Authorization Form. Client agrees not to terminate its authorization for charges to Client’s credit card or ACH Authorization form until all fees are paid in full under the terms of this agreement unless mutually agreed upon by both parties.


Client understands and accepts that service will be interrupted should Client becomes defaulted in paying fees after a 10 day grace period.  Client will have to bring all fees updated before service will resume.




Provider has right to cancel and terminate the contract if we find that is abused, mis-used, or used for wrongful purpose (spamming, promoting non-appropriate products or services, soliciting users, etc.).  Under such conditions, Provider reserves the right to cancel immediately without giving notice to Client.



This contract commences upon the signing of this agreement and receipt of the initial deposit.  This contract terminates when either party wishes to do so.


Client has a right to receive full 100% refund for setup fee and first month if account is canceled within first 7 days signing up for the program. After 7 days, client can still cancel the account, but no refund will be issued.


Client hereby releases Provider from any damages clients or its customers may incur as a result of any aspect of the Client’s business and business activities unless such damages are resulting from the willful negligence of the Provider.


This contract is governed and interpreted under the laws of the State of Florida.

This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties and supersedes any previous agreements and there are no further items or provisions, either oral or otherwise.