Partner Up

Create profitable partnerships with businesses in your area!

Partner up with complementary businesses to get new customers or refer your existing customers to earn rewards.

Join a collaborative network of local business owners!

Connect with nearby businesses, create partnerships, exchange referrals, and grow together!

Explore businesses

Discover nearby businesses that are ready to promote your offers to their customers.

Find partners

Check business profiles to discover info about potential partnerships.

Partner up

Easily connect with new partners in minutes, without in-person networking.

See how our Partner Up Program can help grow your business

Let our experts show you how to effectively maximize your business by partnering with Referrizer!

See how our Partner Up Program can help grow your business

Let our experts show you how to effectively maximize your business by partnering with Referrizer!

Find Partners

Discover relevant local businesses in minutes!

Join the network, discover new business opportunities, connect effortlessly and start exchanging referrals.

Discover businesses

Find partners easily
Search for relevant businesses in your area that are ready to promote your offers and promotions to their customers.

Partner up

Connect and create valuable partnerships
Send invitations to your partners without any in-personal networking, pitching, or introductions. Connect with new businesses in minutes.

Get new customers

Receive referrals from partner businesses
Generate revenue with minimal effort. Create offers that your partners can share with their customers.

Earn rewards

Earn commissions by sending referrals to your partners
Promote partner offers to your contact database to earn commissions for referrals. Select offers that bring value to your customers and complement your business.

Share Offers

Publish offers to nearby businesses for cross-promotion opportunities!

Explore Businesses Profiles

Find the right partners for your business!

Discover important info about potential partners with detailed business profiles.

Explore Businesses

Discover the best potential partners in your area!

Partner Up Feed

Explore new partner activities!

View your partner's activities and discover new updates, offers, and ideas.

Partners Inbox

Communicate with your partners seamlessly!

Keep conversations organized, simple and effective with Referrizer’s inbox.

Exchange messages

Communicate with partners easily
Switch from slow back-and-forth email communication to effective communication between partners. Send updates, share experiences and grow your partnership smoothly.

Pre-written messages

Send messages quickly
Take advantage of ready-to-use messages designed to communicate efficiently with your partners. Reach out or reply to partners in seconds.

Personalize messages

Make your messages stand out
Power up your messages with dynamic fields to create a personalized touch when communicating with partners.

Schedule messages

Send messages at specific times
Create automated messages that will reach your partners at specific times. Send important updates, make introductions, and build valuable partnerships with minimal effort.

See what our clients have achieved with Referrizer

Referrizer gives you peace of mind knowing your business has the tools it needs to grow

Connect your business with nearby businesses and let them provide incredible promotions for you. Take a vacation or enjoy peaceful weekends knowing that you have a steady flow of customers with no effort.

You will get a dedicated account manager and access to premium technical support that show you the best ways to create lucrative partnerships and grow your business.

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