Smart WiFi

Grow your business faster with Smart WiFi tools!

Transform your regular business Wi-Fi into an intelligent one. Provide a unique WiFi experience and collect customer data.


Make your businesses stand out from the crowd!

Don’t limit your marketing campaigns to regular channels. Use Referrizer’s Smart WiFi to collect customer information and increase sales directly through your business WiFi.

Build database

Collect opt-ins from your customers and grow your database faster.

Boost sales

Use high-converting methods to increase sales.

Save time

Take your business growth to the next level on autopilot.

See how our Smart Wi-Fi system can help grow your business

Let our experts show you how to effectively maximize your business Wi-Fi with Referrizer!

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Power up your business WiFi!

Easily turn your guest Wi-Fi into a revenue generation system. Get set up in minutes with easy-to-use settings for fast results.

Install your device

Get your WiFi device set up in minutes!

Order your WiFi device and get promotional material, easy-to-follow instructions, and live support.

Order your Smart WiFi

Get your WiFi device quickly
Getting set up is easy. In a few minutes you can order your Smart WiFi device from your Referrizer account and receive it in the mail in a few days.

Install quickly and easily

Activate your Smart WiFi in minutes
Get easy-to-follow instructions for activating your Smart WiFi. Turn your regular WiFi into one that actually grows your business on autopilot.

Customize your WiFi login screen

Create a look that matches your brand image
Design and adjust the login screen that your customers will see when they connect to your Smart WiFi network. Match your brand image and increase engagment with your referral and loyalty program.

Get promotional materials for free

Promote your WiFi with free table top flyers
Effectively promote your WiFi marketing with free table top stands that will increase your customer engagement.

Grow your database

Collect customer data without even talking to them!

Use Referrizer’s Smart WiFi to add new contacts to your customer database. Collect customer emails, phone numbers, social media, and other personal info.

  • Grow your email list
  • Build a text marketing database
  • Collect customer Facebook profiles

Get your Device

Receive your Smart WiFi device within 3 days!

Order your device and get it delivered to your business or any other address that you choose. You won’t have to wait long - the device is shipped within 3 days.

Boost engagement

Supercharge your business growth!

Encourage repeat purchases, create additional revenue, increase customer loyalty, and boost your online reviews.

Check-in your customers

Keep track of your customer visits with your WiFi
Make it easy for customers to check-in and earn points and rewards. Provide a seamless experience with your loyalty program and improve your customer loyalty.

Send triggered messages

Engage customers based on their activity
Automatically engage with customers through personalized email and text messages every time they connect to your WiFi network.

Increase customer loyalty

Encourage customers to repeat purchases regularly
Empower your customers to visit you regularly and collect loyalty points. Promote available loyalty rewards each time your customers check-in via your Smart WiFi.

Collect online reviews

Ask customers for reviews with every check-in
Grow your online reputation and collect reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Ask customers to rate your businesses after using your WiFi to check-in.

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Referrizer gives you peace of mind knowing your business has the tools it needs to grow

Sit back, relax during working hours, or even take days off, knowing that your customers are engaging with your business better than ever.

You will get a dedicated account manager and access to premium technical support that show you the best ways to use Smart WiFi to grow your business.

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