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Reach New Hights in Referrals

Reach New Hights in Referrals

  1. 300% more referrals
  2. Significantly increased online presence
  3. Tons of 5 star reviews (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor)

Enjoy all the benefits of Referrizer’s Automated Referral Platform. Using Referrizer, your clients can refer you to, not one, but all their friends and acquaintances via SMS, email and/or social media. Think of it as “viral word-of-mouth”. Clients get rewarded for every referral and our system takes care of all the tracking. There is no way for your business to go, but up!

Retain Up to 40% More Clients

  1. Forge a strong bond with every client
  2. Make their experience unique and personal
  3. Approach them on a much deeper level

Our advanced Loyalty Program will keep your clients engaged and drive repeat visits like never before. There are no punch cards to manage or record keeping to do as our hands-off automated system takes care of everything for you. Our system also allows 2-way SMS communication so you can respond to queries and appointment requests in real-time. Make slow days a thing of the past!

Retain Up to 40% More Clients
All-in-One Marketing Automation

All-in-One Marketing Automation

  1. Customize massages with personalized content
  2. Improve clients communication with your office
  3. Streamline all office marketing operations
  4. Get daily feedback and use it to improve client experiences

Clients today are mobile and have access to information at their fingertips. It is rare today for a gym or a sports club to see the same client for more than 5 years like it was in the past. Staying connected to your clients base and getting their feedback is now a full-time job. But not for you, because Referrizer offers a completely automated system which makes conecting an easy and time efficient job. Look for the center of your success no more!

Cut cost up to 85%

  1. Improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns by 12-27%
  2. Reduce campaign cost up to 85%.

Are you currently using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Direct Mail, Magazine Publications or similar channels to advertise your business? You probably do, since everyone else does it as well…It will hardly give you an advantage, right? With Referrizer, you can finally stop relying on such obsolete tools and bring more efficiency to your marketing. What you do for cutting clients weight is nothing compared to what we do when cutting cost of your campaigns!

Cut cost up to 85%

Simple Pricing.

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15 days Free Premium Trial



per month (billed annually)
or $199 per month (billed monthly)
*One-time setup fee applies.



per month (billed annually)
or $299 per month (billed monthly)
*$399 One-time setup fee applies.

Unlimited contacts
Import or add as many contacts as you like. Our system integrates with Mindbody and other tools to make contact management super easy.
Referral Program
Turn your customers into your salesforce. Still in beta: Also get customer referrals from nearby businesses!

Unlimited referrals

Unlimited referrals

Loyalty Program
Track visits and create offers for repeat visitors to boost retention.

Reputation Management
Follow up automatically with customers to post feedback on major review portals like Yelp, Facebook and Google. Filter out bad reviews. Publicize the good ones. Get control back of your online reputation.
Tracking Number with SMS Capabilities
A phone number that forwards to your existing business number. Helps track calls, measure performance of your marketing efforts and build opt-in database. Also allows 2-way SMS communication with your customers.
Email Marketing
A full-featured tool for all your Email Marketing needs, including templates, personalization and scheduling options. Fair usage policy of 20,000 emails/month applies.
All your contacts in one place. Integrates with multiple platforms. Send an email, shoot an SMS or modify data without having to go anywhere.
Mobile app
Android and iOS apps to make checking in, tracking rewards and referring friends a breeze for all your customers.
SMS Campaigns
Mass SMS, peronalization options, custom scheduling and the works.

2,000 SMS/month*

SMS Autoresponders
Engage customers automatically through SMS everytime they interact with your business or call your number.
Landing Page
Capture leads and boost online visibility.

Website Lead Capture Widget
Use our lead generation module on your existing website to generate quality leads for your business.

Holiday Email Templates
Customized holiday templates for each US holiday, provided to you at no additional cost and sent out to your customers in just one click.
Email Automation
Setup custom drip campaigns to send out emails in a speciic order at pre-determined dates and times. Ideal for educational emails, newsletters, etc.
Extended Support
Onboarding, Email and Phone Support.

No phone support

* Additional SMS can be purchased at 3¢/SMS.

We are confident that you will love what you see, otherwise we’ll send you a $25 Gift Card for your favorite restaurant.

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Some Of Our Clients

  • OTF-Logo
  • Snap fitness
  • Spavia
  • Pure Barre
  • meineke
  • Hard Exercise Works
  • Ethos Bistro
  • Elements Massage
  • CKO Kickboxing
  • Ciao Cucina
  • British Swim School
  • Barre3

These companies, along with many others, love Referrizer.

During 16 years of running my fitness club, I have worked with several marketing companies in order to boost visitations and gain more clients. Referrizer is by far the most innovative and proactive company I had worked with, not to mention, using their solution brought me the best results…it is indeed a pleasure to work with them.


Besides doing a great marketing job, Referrizer totally helped me to be noticed and get more business. Best part, it’s all automatic, I just set it up once and watched as my ratings and customers multiplied day by day. I couldn’t be more happier, integrating with Referrizer is the best business desicion I ever made!


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