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How Your Referral Program Can Easily & Quickly Increase Your Exposure On Social Media

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A simple way to get more customers

A customer referral program (also known as a refer-a-friend program) is one of the easiest ways to improve your customer acquisition without breaking the bank. This statistic shows that 82% of small businesses consider referrals as their primary source of new customers.

You are getting new customers because your customers share your business with their friends and family. But is there a way to get even more from word-of-mouth marketing?

Yes! A successful referral program will help you gain a lot of exposure on social media.

The result? Your loyal customers will be able to recommend you to a much wider audience than just their friends and family.

This can be a huge game-changer, especially if you have customers who are social media influencers with many followers.

What are the benefits of being promoted on social media by your customers?

Improve brand awareness: By getting promoted on social media platforms, you will improve your brand’s awareness and more people will discover your business. This is especially important if you are a new business or if you are trying to enter a new market. According to statistics, 47% of US buyers consider friends’ recommendations one of the top sources of brand awareness.

Generate leads and sales: When your customers share your product on social media, some of their friends and followers may be compelled to look into your business and even purchase your products or services. Research has shown that friends’ shares on social media influence the buying decision of 83% of online shoppers in the US.

Get more loyal customers: When customers promote your brand on social media, they are effectively telling their social media followers that they are happy with your brand. This can help you to get more loyal customers. In addition, statistics show that referred customers have 16% higher lifetime value than other customers.

How to get people to share your business on social media?

In today’s world, everything is about simplicity. It is the same for referral programs. You need to make it easy for people. Otherwise, no one will bother to share information about your business on social media.

When you ask customers to refer new people, you should give them multiple choices ways to do it. One of those choices should be social media.

This will depend on the type of referral program that you use. If you are using physical referral cards, you should consider switching to a digital referral program.

You also need a platform that will allow your customers to share your business on social media. Referrizer’s Referral Program does exactly that. Once your customers open the referral app, they can share referral links directly in their social media accounts.

Here is an example of what it looks like:

How to get even more shares on social media?

A referral marketing program is one way you can encourage people to share your business on social media.

Based on our experience, loyalty and referral programs produce even better results when used together.

One of the creative ways you can use your loyalty program is to reward people when they share your business on social media.

Here is an example of how businesses use Referrizer’s Loyalty Program to encourage shares:

What can you do with Referrizer’s Referral program?

Get 1-on-1 shares and social media shares: Referrizer’s Referral program gives your customers multiple ways to share your business.

Send referral campaigns: Every now and then, you’ll have to send a text or email campaign asking for referrals from your customers. In Referrizer, you can find content-ready email and text campaigns with a proven track record.

Follow-up with referred customers: The referral process isn’t over when customers refer someone to your business. You must ensure that referred friend or family member becomes paying customer. Referrizer offers automated drip text campaigns that remind referrals to visit your business and claim their offer.

Track your customer referrals: It is essential to know which customers are getting new people in your business. You need to know who referred a new customer to you because most referral programs offer a reward. Wondering why you need rewards? Check out the Top 25 Referral Marketing Program Mistakes.

With Referrizer, each of your customers has a unique referral link that makes it possible for our software to know who referred new customers. This is essential because the last thing you want is to leave your loyal customers without deserved rewards.

One-way and two-way referral programs: As we mentioned above, successful referral programs always offer some kind of reward. In Referrizer, you can set up your referral program to reward existing customers when they bring new paying customers (a one-way referral program), and you can set a special deal for referrals (a two-way referral program).

By offering rewards or special deals to referred people, you can increase your conversion rates and easily turn them into paying customers.

Need any ideas for your rewards? Check out How To Choose Referral Program Rewards.

Why does Referrizer’s Referral program work?

Simplicity is key. The less work your customers have to do, the more friends they will refer to your business. In Referrizer, here is how we make it seamless for your customers to refer new people to you:

No log-in required: When your customers decide to refer someone for the first time, they won’t need to visit a separate landing page and create an account. They can start referring instantly by clicking on the link that you sent them.

Multiple choices: Everyone has a favorite way of communication. Some people like email, others like text messages, and some even prefer WhatsApp. In Referrizer, your customers have all these options to share your business with other people.

Pre-filled text: To make referring people as effortless as possible, Referrizer auto-generates content when your customers choose how they want to share your business. As a result, they can instantly recommend a friend or customize the content according to their preferences.

Get new clients through a referral program

If you are looking for a platform that boosts your referrals and simplifies customer acquisition, schedule a Referrizer demo to get insight into the platform and see how businesses like yours use marketing automation to grow.

To learn more about referral marketing, check out our Ultimate Referral Marketing Guide For Local Businesses.

Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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