Lead Management System

Don’t let leads fall through the cracks, maximize every oportunity!

Increase lead conversions, build relationships with your customers, and easily follow up with clients!

Skyrocket your conversion rates!

Generate new customers smoothly. Manage leads and customers more efficiently to grow your business easier.

Increase sales

Create a smooth pipeline that will transform leads to customers faster.

Spot opportunities

Reduce lost leads by having a better overview of sales opportunities.

Save time

Use smart automation to shift leads to customers with minimal effort.

See how our lead management system can help grow your business

Let our experts show you how to effectively maximize your lead management with Referrizer!

See how our lead management system can help grow your business

Let our experts show you how to effectively maximize your lead management with Referrizer!

Managing Your Contacts

Easily add new contacts to your database!

Automatically import new contacts from your lead capture forms, offers, integrations and website pop-ups or manually add contacts from other various sources.

Contact Database Management

All your customer data at your fingertips!

Monitor your customer database with the ablility to view the most important data quickly!

Segment Your Contacts

Organize customers any way you like!

Create data-driven segments to deliver more personalized messages to get better engagement. Use customer attributes to organize your contact lists.

Contact Profile

Boost your sales with contact profiles that provide detailed background information!

Use contact profiles to get a clear picture of who your customers are.

Discover customer information

Keep important customer data easily accessible
Get a quick insight into the most important information about a contact. Fill out data through the form or manually as you get to know each customer better.

Measure engagement with your business

Recognize profitable customers and brand advocates
Monitor every customer interaction. Discover how many times they visited, sent referrals, earned loyalty points, and posted reviews.

View communication history

Monitor previous communication from your customers
View a detailed history of automated messages, 1-on-1 communication, and campaigns that your customers have received.

Keep track of rewards and loyalty points

Monitor referrals, loyalty points, and claimed rewards
View how each customer interacts with your referral and loyalty program. See when your customers claim offers, earn loyalty points, and redeem rewards.

1-On-1 Communication

All-in-one customer communication system!

Send personalized emails and text messages, add call history and save notes.

Contact Status

Monitor your contact database!

Get a real-time overview of your contact database to see how your contacts move through your funnels. From one place, instantly get the total number of leads, paying customers, and past customers. Find potential revenue opportunities faster and discover what marketing messages you need to focus on!

See what our clients have achieved with Referrizer

Referrizer gives you peace of mind knowing your business has the tools it needs to grow

Sit back and enjoy knowing that your leads and customers are organized and well-managed through automation. Start generating additional revenue by picking low-hanging fruit.

You will get a dedicated account manager and access to premium technical support that show you the best ways to use a lead management system to grow your businesses.

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