Loyalty program

Turn regular customers into loyal ones on autopilot!

Transform your customers into brand advocates! Improve customer retention, boost revenue, and increase engagement.


Skyrocket your sales by maximizing repeat visitors!

Use the automated process to engage customers regularly, build long-lasting relationships, provide an exceptional experience, and reward loyalty.

Boost engagement

Amplify referrals, collect reviews and get free promotions for your business.

Increase sales

Empower customers to buy different services and products you are offering.

Amplify profit

Keep your customers coming back to your business regularly.

See how our Loyalty Program system can help grow your business

Let our experts show you how to effectively improve your customer retention with Referrizer!

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Build a loyalty program that’s simple for you and exciting for your customers!

Create a fully customized loyalty program with rewards that will engage your customers with our system that will run on autopilot.

Create your loyalty program

Build your digital loyalty program in minutes!

With Referrizer, creating a functional loyalty program is simple. Use our step by step process, and it's ready to go in no time.

Loyalty points

Power up your business growth!

Motivate your customers with loyalty rewards to help your business expand. Become more profitable and get effective promotion on social media.

Encourage regular visits

Improve your customer retention
Motivate customers to regularly come back to your business. Reward customers with points every time they check-in.

Boost reviews

Collect customers’ feedback and reviews
Get social proof and allow customers to collect points by providing feedback and sharing their experience with your business on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Get social media exposure

Make your businesses go viral
Motivate your customers to share your special offers on social media. Get more referrals and increase brand awareness with the help of your loyal customers.

Increase sales

Give points for products and services purchases
If you are a Mindbody user, you’re able to promote your products and services with your loyalty program. Increase sales by rewarding customers with points when they make a purchase.

Customizable rewards

Reward customers the way you want!

With Referrizer’s Loyalty Program, you have total control over your loyalty rewards. Choose budget-friendly incentives, exclusive merchandise, or discounts on products and services.

  • Choose rewards specific to your business
  • Manage loyalty rewards at any time
  • Set the value and avaliability of your rewards

Loyalty tracking

Provide customers with multiple ways to check-in and earn points!

Empowers your customers to check themselves in and provide access to your staff to reward loyalty points manually.

Let customers check themselves in

Make it easy for customers to earn points
Turn a regular tablet into a check-in kiosk that your customers can use to confirm visits and earn points easily.

Use Wi-Fi for check-ins

Automatically recognize customer visits
Save time for your staff and make checking-in seamless for your customers. Power up your free business Wi-Fi with Referrizer’s smart device and automatically check in customers when they connect to your network.

Add check-ins through CRM

Manage customer check-ins manually
Use the Referrizer CRM to manually check in customers when they are in your business.

Add loyalty points manually

Reward customers for special achievements
Reward additional points to your loyal customers for special achievements and milestones at any time.

Track activity

Monitor how your customers interact with your loyalty program!

Keep an eye on the real-time activity of your customers. Discover who joined your loyalty program, checked in, shared your offers, or posted a review.

Loyalty stats

Measure the success of your loyalty program!

  • Track the average number of purchases per customer
  • Discover how many loyal customers you have
  • See how long your customers stay with your business
  • Monitor the number of redeemed rewards

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Referrizer gives you peace of mind knowing your business has the tools it needs to grow

Stop worrying about losing customers. Have a great time with people that love your business as much as you do, while Referrizer's system builds excellent relationships between your customers and your business.

You will get a dedicated account manager and access to premium technical support that will show you the best ways to create and implement a loyalty program in your business.

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