Text Marketing

Supercharge your customer engagement with automated text campaigns!

Use text messaging to take customer communication to the next level, skyrocket your campaign results, and save time!

Increase customer engagement with text campaigns!

Text campaigns can help you fill up slow days, win back past customers, and automate communication with new leads and customers.

Deliver messages

Make sure your text campaigns always reach your customers’ inbox.

Engage customers

Maximize engagement for your campaigns with text marketing.

Save time

Run campaigns on autopilot and save time on communication.

See how our text marketing system can help grow your business

Let our experts show you how to effectively maximize your marketing campaigns with Referrizer!

See how our text marketing system can help grow your business

Let our experts show you how to effectively maximize your marketing campaigns with Referrizer!

Create Campaigns

Create and launch profitable text campaigns in minutes!

Use our simple message builder to engage leads quickly, send updates, promote offers, and easily build stronger relationships with your customers.

Text Templates

Get inspired by our proven templates!

Make your marketing campaigns stand out with our ready-to-use text templates. Beat the creative block and always have successful campaigns at your hand.

Message Inbox

Communicate with your customers easier than ever!

Referrizer’s inbox allows you to exchange text messages with customers, improve message organization, and save time on communication with a smooth 2-way texting experience.

Activate 2-way messaging

Exchange text messages with customers
Exchange 2-way messages with your customers and eliminate time-consuming tasks by switching to Referrizer's organized text communication tools.

Get to know your customers

Build stronger relationshsips with your customers
Always know who you are talking to with a contact profile. Identify the most important information about your contacts while chatting.

Personalize text messages

Turn generic messages into personally tailored ones
Provide an outstanding experience to your customers. Personalize your text messages with specific contact information in just 2 clicks.

Schedule messages

Automate text reminders and follow-ups
Schedule messages that will automatically be sent to your customers at a selected time. Send appointment reminders, reduce no-shows, and boost sales.

Triggered Messages

Engage leads and customers on autopilot!

Multimedia Campaigns

Make your text messages stand out!

Power up your text campaigns with multi-media messaging services. Use promotional relevant images and gifs to grab customer attention more effectively.

Campaign Reports

Monitor the success of your campaigns!

Referrizer provides you insight into the most important analytics of your campaigns. Monitor your results and maximize text campaign performance in real time.

Monitor delivery

Track how well your messages are delivered
Track if your text messages are reaching your customer’s inbox and discover how many contacts you’ve successfully engaged.

Track revenue

Get insight into best-performing campaigns easily
Mindbody users can track revenue generated with text campaigns and discover the most profitable strategies that work for their customers.

Measure engagement

Track authentic engagement of your campaigns
Discover the real effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking click-through rates and finding out what makes your customers take action.

Perform detailed analysis

Keep an eye on your funnel’s performance metrics
See which contacts have received your messages, clicked on links, called your business, replied to your text messages, or have unsubscribed.

Enterprise Features

The Right Tools For Multi-Location Businesses!

Referrizer’s Text Marketing system allows multi-location businesses to easily create, launch, and manage campaigns for all their locations from one main account. They can set default campaigns for every location and even set approval requests that will help make sure every location follows their brand strategy.

Auto-Refill Text Credits

Let your campaigns run smoothly!

Make sure your text campaigns never stop at an unexpected moment. Setup auto-refill billing that will automatically add text credits to your campaigns so they can continue running without interruptions.

See what our clients have achieved with Referrizer

Referrizer gives you peace of mind knowing your business has the tools it needs to grow

Sit back and enjoy all the benefits your business generates via text marketing. With text messaging on autopilot, you can finally take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of!

You get a dedicated account manager and access to premium technical support that will show you the best ways to automatically grow your business with text marketing.

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