Offers & Referrals

An easier way to promote your business and attract new customers!

Promote special offers, boost referrals, generate customers from your website, and make landing pages more effective.


Generate new leads and paying customers!

Reduce customer acquisition costs and save money on business promotion. Make your business stand out with proven strategies.

Boost sales

Generate customers with proven marketing strategies.

Save time

Let marketing automation save you hours of work.

Reduce cost

Run successful promotions for little or no cost.

See how our offers and referrals system can help grow your business

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Ultimate tools for lead and customer generation!

Get tools to quickly generate leads, convert them into customers, and monitor results.

Create offers

Create high-converting offers in minutes!

Make your offers irresistible with Referrizer’s high performing templates. Add social proof, create urgency, and quickly generate appointments and sales.

Promote offers

Get more customers with minimal effort!

Promote offers through high-converting channels. Convert online traffic into leads and generate paying customers while saving time using marketing automation.

Increase website conversion

Convert website visitors into customers
Convert up to 4x more website visitors into customers. Power up your website with a high-converting pop-up and promote your offers successfully.

Boost referrals

Let existing customers promote your business
Motivate and empower existing customers to refer their friends with exclusive offers and referral incentives. Let your customers do the best promotion for your business.

Convert online traffic

Power up your landing pages
Convert more cold traffic into paying customers. Power up your landing pages with offers that perfectly match the needs of your target audience.

Exchange B2B referrals

Get customers from businesses in your area
Attract new customers with B2B referrals. Create a powerful network of businesses in your area that promote your offers to their own customers.

Referral Automation

Automate referrals and supercharge your business growth!

Start getting more customers through word-of-mouth marketing. Provide a smooth and unique experience to existing customers that will empower them to promote your business on their own.

Automated communication

Generate new customers on autopilot!

Automate communication and increase conversions from new leads to paying customers. Save time and never let leads fall through the cracks again.

  • Convert more leads to customers with automated email and text drip campaigns
  • Get new customer referrals on autopilot
  • Increase engagement with behavior-based follow-up triggers and actions

Quick connect

Boost Lead Conversions up to 300%!

Get notified every time you generate a new lead. With Referrizer’s lead conversion-boosting system, you’re only one step away from engaging with hot leads.

0. Leads claim an offer

Lead profile is created and a confirmation text message is sent to lead’s phone number.

1. You receive a call

Voice message will be played with new lead information and give you the option to connect.

2. You are connected with lead

Call between your business and the lead is quickly established.

Offer reporting

Get powerful insight into how your offers are performing!

With consistent measurement comes consistent improvement! Discover the most profitable channels, best-performing offers, and low-hanging opportunities to generate more revenue.

Get a quick overview

Monitor multiple offer performances from one place
Scan the performance of your offers quickly with list view and find the most important data highlighted below each offer.

Track offers revenue

Learn how much revenue you generated with each offer
Mindbody users can keep track of revenue from each offer. Referrizer’s accurate performance data gives you insight into offers with the best results.

Visualize performances

Get an in-deep analysis of offers
Get detailed reporting from graphic charts. Discover the number of visitors, claims, purchases, and source of each lead.

Watch customer activity

Keep track of recent offer shares, claims, and redeems
Monitor in real-time how your business goes viral. Keep track of the Recent Activity box to see all customer and lead interactions with your offers.

Referral tracking

Discover brand influencers & approve referral incentives!

Analyze and track every step in the journey from the moment you receive a referral to the moment they become a paying customer and start referring their own friends.

  • Prevent people from referring existing customers
  • Protect your business from false referrals
  • Prevent manipulation with rewards

Enterprise management

Manage multiple locations with referral automation and conversion tools!

Set and manage referral offers for all your locations from your primary account.

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Referrizer gives you peace of mind knowing your business has the tools it needs to grow

Take a break from working on lead-generation strategy during the weekends. Let Referrizer promote your business and save you money at the same time, while you get a chance to invest in yourself.

You will get a dedicated account manager and access to premium technical support that show you the best ways to use high-converting channels to grow your businesses.

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