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Received 59 new reviews in just a month of using Referrizer

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Pacific Tanning is one of the top tanning salons in the USA, with more than 20 years of experience and four different locations.

They have had more than 80,000 clients walk through their doors, and many of them have become regulars. Their main mission is to help people look great and feel good about themselves, but they have trouble targeting the right customers.

For years, we were sending out just a huge email blast or a text blast,” says Brad, the owner of Pacific Tanning. “Our main goal was to narrow down and target specific groups with particular campaigns.”

This is something many small business owners struggle with. One of the golden rules in marketing is targeting a specific group of people who are aware of their problem and are actively searching for the solution. Targeting a larger audience means spending a lot of money without getting the results you want because you don’t have enough resources to specify the needs and wishes of your gigantic audience. The real beauty of targeting a specific audience is getting customers who want to work specifically with you and nobody else.

But how do you get a more engaged audience? Email and text campaigns, as well as promotions and reviews, are one of the best options. Prior to using Referrzier, Brad was paying for two separate email and texting software.

I’m going to cancel those,” says Brad. “With Referrzier, I don’t have to do multiple things on different platforms. It saves me time and money. More importantly, the whole Platinum team from Referrizer really helped me get a different perspective. I know I can email you, and you’ll help me find a solution in a day or two“.

Now you may think: OK, that’s nice, but how do texting campaigns even work? It’s pretty simple when you have the Referrizer team on your side. We take into consideration the wishes and desires of your customer and help you create the best campaign. After activating the campaign, your customers can contact you to book one of your services or leave you a review. More reviews mean more significant social proof, which leads to more visitors to your website who then turn into customers.

You’re just engaging with the customers and creating brand awareness,” says Brad. “And they can refer to others or write a review. Our reviews are through the roof, thanks to Referrizer. I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I’ve never had this many reviews. The platform does what it says it’s going to, which is great“.

Having a multi-location business, Brad had to be sure Referrizer is the right choice for his business.

“We’re a different type of business because we have four locations. They’re all close to each other. So our customer retention is consistent; our door opens and closes. You have one customer, but they’re coming in three or four times a week,” says Brad.

Another concern Brad had was the price. Will it be worth it?

“All of our locations have definitely increased in our reviews. We did one campaign, and I believe that one campaign already paid for the Referrizer. It’s up there in price, but it’s worth it; you know you’re on top of it.”

Let’s look at the numbers.

The Pacific Tanning location with the best results received 64 new reviews. Prior to using Referrizer, they had 34 reviews.

That’s a growth of 188% in just a month of using Referrizer!

But the truth is…

… you can’t create a successful campaign if you don’t have a website for your business. One of the features our clients love using is the Landing Page Builder, this feature is especially popular among clients who are not tech-savvy. Even Brad, who is proficient in tech, likes the simplicity of the Landing Page Builder..

I’m able to do tech-savvy stuff,” says Brad. “But when Referrizer does that for me, it enables that time for me to do other things.”

Time saved is money earned, a rule every successful business owner knows.

“Seeing the result I’ve achieved during only one month, I’m now recommending Referrizer to everyone who would benefit from it,” finishes Brad.

Maria Davidoski

Copywriter. Content writer. Psychologist.

Marija uses her knowledge of human psychology to create irresistible copy, the one that both Google and your clients will adore.

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Maria Davidoski

Copywriter. Content writer. Psychologist.

Marija uses her knowledge of human psychology to create irresistible copy, the one that both Google and your clients will adore.