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Went From 21 Reviews to Over 240 With Referrizer

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TITLE Boxing Club offers its members empowering boxing and kickboxing workouts crafted to fit every age, body shape, or weight.

They are dedicated to helping people relieve stress and feel alive again by providing a safe space where they can train in many different locations across the United States.

“We know there are a million fights you encounter in your day-to-day life, and we believe we can help change that. Because we know that sometimes, at the end of the day, you just need someone in your corner.”

But did they have someone in their corner while growing a business?

No one can answer this question better than the owner of three different TITLE Boxing locations, Ashok Kumar.

Like many business owners, Ashok tried using every marketing tactic to attract new clients, including email marketing and text campaigns as well.

Unfortunately, he made a mistake that many business owners make: choosing a different software for each.

Even though this may sound like a good idea, using different software for email and text marketing not only takes a lot of time but money too.

And the worst thing is, these software can’t communicate with each other. So if you want to compare the results or combine different marketing strategies, you need to do everything manually.

“We had an email marketing campaign, Mailchimp. We also had a texting tool too that actually did not do SMS campaigns,” says Ashok.

Why pay more and spend more time figuring out how to use multiple software providers when you can use one that does it all?

“Before Referrizer, we had systems that did things but did not speak to each other,” adds Ashok. “Referrizer has brought them all together, and that was the biggest win. And these email and SMS campaigns that are scheduled and planned out have been tremendous. Using them really helped us grow and get more members and build stronger relationships with existing members.

However, that was just the beginning. With Referrizer, they could implement something more.

“Referrizer also added on things like Loyalty, which we didn’t have, and now we use a lot of. Also, Reputation, which is huge. We know how valuable Google is with its stars. When I look for any businesses, any events, I go on Google and look at the number of stars.”

How many times have you picked a restaurant, gym, or beauty salon based on Google reviews?

How often have you avoided booking a hotel or using a specific service because someone left a bad review on Google? Or even worse, there were no reviews at all.

Customers want what other people have; therefore, social proof is necessary to grow a business.

Before using Referrzier, TITLE Boxing Club Birmingham didn’t have any reviews at all. Now they have more than 80.

TITLE Boxing Club Troy had 14 reviews before using Referrizer, and now they have more than 130.

And if we had to pick a winner, that would definitely be TITLE Boxing Club Farmington Hills, with their fantastic growth of more than 999%! Let’s look at the numbers: before using Referrizer, they had 21 reviews, while today, they have more than 240 reviews!

Data doesn’t lie, but what if you want to drive revenue in the short term instead of the long term?

Then use Referrizer to launch a campaign and target specific customers, as TITLE Boxing Club did.

With only one campaign, their total revenue was $6,256 in only two months. And what’s even more impressive, they managed to do that in 2020, which was the worst year for the fitness industry worldwide due to the pandemic.

While having more clients and growing revenue are among the most important criteria when choosing a marketing platform, there’s one more thing to keep in mind: the people who you will work with.

There is nothing worse than using great software with terrible customer support.

“If I was to pick vendors based on response time, friendliness and knowledge, Referrizer will probably be up there at the top. The chat works; people are very good on it, and the ticketing system works. Whatever issue I have when I open a ticket, the support team picks it up in response to it and takes care of it right away,” says Ashok.

But Ashok also stresses the importance of having a good relationship with his clients.

The one thing that differentiates these three TITLE Boxing club locations that Ashok owns from other fitness studios is how they treat their customers.

“We don’t treat our customers as customers; we treat them as family members. So we know each one of them that walks through the doors. That’s the kind of relationship we have built and honesty that helps keep us afloat,” says Ashok.

And once again, Ashok is right.

So many small businesses crashed because they couldn’t create meaningful relationships with their clients. This is one of the main reasons he has such amazing results with Referrizer: he uses a platform to create a strong relationship with his future customers, all while working with people he can count on.

Maria Davidoski

Copywriter. Content writer. Psychologist.

Marija uses her knowledge of human psychology to create irresistible copy, the one that both Google and your clients will adore.

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Maria Davidoski

Copywriter. Content writer. Psychologist.

Marija uses her knowledge of human psychology to create irresistible copy, the one that both Google and your clients will adore.