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25 Offer Examples That Attract Potential Customers Like A Magnetic Force

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Limited Time Offer

Works great for holidays and special occasions (like Black Friday).

This offer will bring you many new customers, but you have to follow one simple rule – If you say the offer is for a limited time, then you must mean it.

You don’t want to run it for 2 or 3 months. People will notice and you will lose credibility.

Limited Offer: (%) OFF on (Service)

Limited Offer: 50% OFF Your First Month.

A Special (Time) Deal: Get (Offer)

A Special October Deal: Get a Facial Massage for FREE.

Extra (%) discount on (Service) — Only during (Time)

Extra 20% discount on Three Months of Yoga Classes — Only during April.

Big (Holiday) Discount: Get your (%) OFF on (Service)

Big Labor Day Discount: Get 30% OFF a Manicure and Pedicure.

EXCLUSIVE (%) OFF (Service)

EXCLUSIVE 40% OFF Brazilian-Waxing Session

Big Discount

If you are prepared to offer a huge, attractive discount, you want to make sure people notice it.

Don’t be afraid to include some CAPITAL LETTERS to make your 80% discount stand out.

One-time-only: Get an amazing (%) OFF for (Service)

One-time-only: Get an amazing 50% OFF for a One-hour massage of your choice.

(%) DISCOUNT: (Service)

70% DISCOUNT: Chiropractic Consultation.

(%) OFF: Get (Service) for ONLY (Price)

40% OFF: Get a Full Body Massage for ONLY $34.

Special offer: (%) Discount on (Service) — Regular Price (Price)

Special offer: 60% Discount on Microblading — Regular Price $465.

Unique offer: (Service) for only (Price) — REGULAR PRICE (Price)

Unique offer: Cryotherapy Session for ONLY $35 — REGULAR PRICE $80.


Who doesn’t like to save a few green ones for something they already planned to spend on?

The same goes for your potential clients who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Use this kind of offer to easily convince people who are still deciding.

Keep ($) on Your (Offer)

Keep $20 on Your First Month.

Save ($) on (Service) with a (%) Discount.

Save $55 on 3 Full Body Massages with a 30% Discount.

Grab (%) on (Service) — Save ($)

Grab 30% off on a 30-day membership — Save $55

Claim now: (%) OFF on (Service)

Claim now: 40% OFF Pole-Dancing Classes

Get (%) OFF a (Service)

Get 20% OFF a Full Body Massage

Free Offers

A large discount is good for attracting clients, but FREE things work even better!

Use the examples below to attract new people or even to return old clients that haven’t visited your business for some time.

Claim your FREE (Service) at (Business)

Claim your FREE Facial Massage at Wellness-Day

Running out: Claim your FREE (Service)

Running out: Claim your FREE Chiropractic Consultation

Get (Service) for FREE: Claim it now

Get a 60 Minutes Massage for Free: Claim it now

(Number) FREE (Service)

3 FREE Protein smoothies

Special deal: Get a FREE (Service)

Special deal: Get a FREE Consultation

New People Only

Sometimes you will create offers with the goal to bring new people to your business.

With those offers, get people to try out your services and see how amazing you are.

First (Timespan) for FREE: New (members/clients/customers) only

First 30 days for FREE: New members only

Try out (Service) for FREE

Try out Full Body Massage for FREE

Claim your first (Service) for (%) OFF

Claim your first 60 days for 30% OFF

(Business) GIFT: Get (Service) for FREE

Cryotherapy GIFT: Get Full Body Cryotherapy for FREE

A Special GIFT for new (Members / clients / customers) only: (Offer)

A Special GIFT for new Members only: One month for FREE

Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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