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4th Of July Marketing Ideas For Your Local Business

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Summer is here and while everyone is planning their bbq menus, deciding how much to spend on fireworks, and debating whether or not to call their neighbor over, you should use this holiday to bring additional revenue to your business. The question is: How?

While most people are planning their 4th of July celebrations, this is the perfect time for you to promote your business in new, creative ways as well.

To help you create the perfect Independence Day campaign, here are a few effective 4th of July marketing ideas you can use for your business.

1. Reach out to former customers

As the holiday approaches, reaching out to your old clients must be on your to-do list. Not only does it help rebuild lost connections, but at the same time, you can create extra revenue.

Use the upcoming holiday to send your customers an early “Happy 4th of July” message, and while you’re at it inform them about a special offer you have for a limited period. On average, 26% of customers return with win-back campaigns.

Even if you are not providing a special offer, you should wish a happy Independence Day to your clients. It’s important to always stay in touch with your clients and to keep your business in front of them and this is the perfect opportunity to do so – it’s also simply a nice thing to do and your clients will appreciate that as well.

There are two ways to reach out to your former clients: SMS text and email campaigns.

If you don’t have an opt-in database, no problem, you can read here how to collect customer phone numbers using Referrizer. Below you will also see ideas that don’t require an opt-in database.

SMS campaign

This type of approach is ideal for the upcoming holiday, and it is a lot more efficient than trying to reach out to customers via email. Statistics show that SMS has a 45% response rate while emails receive a 6% response rate.

Now, because text messages are usually short, some craftsmanship is required. You have to deliver an easy-to-read and straightforward message within the maximum character count.

Here is what a straightforward text message should look like:

Email campaign

In case you don’t have your customers’ phone numbers, you can use their email addresses instead. The principle is basically the same as with SMS campaigns, but the advantage here is that you can exceed 160 characters.

And while an email campaign is less effective than an SMS campaign, it is a much less expensive method.

In order to stand out in your customer’s inbox, you must choose a subject line that is as equally interesting as it is patriotic.

Here are a few examples of a good subject line for Independence Day:

  • Independence Day – exclusive offers
  • John, Happy Independence Day!
  • Celebrate freedom with special 4th of July prices
  • Enjoy Independence Day with special offers inside
  • This is a loud BANG! 💣💥 Limited 4th of July offers
  • Don’t miss out – Independence Day exclusive offers
  • Don’t miss these Independence Day discounts 🧨🧨🧨
  • Day of savings – Special 4th of July offer ✨🔥✨
  • Limited time only! (Business Name) 4th of July sales
  • Check out your special Independence Day savings! 🗽

2. Attract new customers

Special offers and discounts don’t have to be reserved only for past customers. You should equally focus your time and resources on acquiring new customers. And since the 4th of July wakes up the holiday spirit in every American, this is the ideal time to create a special offer for them.

Here is a simple walkthrough:

  • Create a special for Independence Day – Keep in mind to aim for people who already have some interest in your business – so you don’t need to offer anything expensive. A simple discount from 20% – 50% works great in these scenarios.
  • Promote the offer – As mentioned in the first step, you want to target people who are almost ready to buy. And the best way to find them is on your website. Use our high converting Website Widget to make your 4th of July offer live on your website quickly and easily.
  • Make your offer limited – Nothing gets people to pull out their wallets more than a limited time offer. Highlight that your offer is for a limited time only, for example, you can limit your offer from 3 – 7 days. The shorter the time period the bigger urgency you create (but also remember that the shorter time period you use, the fewer people get to see your offer).
  • Keep your word – If you say it’s for a limited time only, don’t forget to turn off your special offer after it ends. No matter how good it’s doing. If not, people will assume that you’re creating false urgency, and you can say goodbye to using this method for the next holiday.

3. Social media campaign

We cannot stress enough how important social media is nowadays. Its cost-effectiveness is proven in a Quicksprout statistic that states that 63% of companies using social media saw an increase in marketing effectiveness.

Try to post more often as the holiday approaches, with an emphasis on 4th of July related posts. Show your audience you are celebrating as well and demonstrate the patriotic spirit you want to offer a special discount in honor of Independence Day.

Here are a few examples of eye-catching posts for Instagram.

4. Team up with other businesses

Independence Day is a day for big celebrations and people want to get ready for their bbq’s and parties by buying food, drinks, fireworks, etc. This means that for a certain period before July 4th, firework stores, supermarkets and liquor stores will have more traffic than usual. That makes those stores an ideal place to promote your business.

How can you successfully achieve this?

Team up with local stores by asking them to promote your business with flyers and billboards in exchange for a group discount for their employees. Or perhaps you can offer a mutual promotion: They promote your business in their place, and you promote their business in your place.

This 4th of July is going to be an amazing celebration and by implementing just some of the tips above you can increase your revenue this summer and have another reason to celebrate!

Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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