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How to Increase Online Yoga Class Attendance

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Why do you need a high attendance rate?

As a yoga teacher or studio owner in the pandemic era, you surely understand the importance of numbers and technology to your business.

You must have enough members to earn a living, and without members, your studio will fail.

Yoga studios that offer members the choice of attending live classes or watching recorded videos are more likely to be successful. Even as the pandemic winds down, online yoga classes will likely stay. Increase the attendance rate of your online yoga classes with the help of several tools and technologies.

To increase class size and attract members, these basic strategies can be useful as you grow your yoga studio.

1. Set Up Your Studio’s Social Media Accounts

You can promote your business on social media for free or through paid advertising, depending on how you leverage it. Your social media accounts should contain basic information on your classes, a short bio, and a call to action to encourage members to register for your classes.

Develop a social media plan for posting photos and information on online classes, retreats, studio news, as well as inspirational quotes and videos. Whenever possible, reply to comments and messages. Promote your class on social media by asking your friends and followers to share your posts. Your responsiveness quickly shows them that your site is well-managed.

2. Sort Your Email and Text Lists Into Groups

In addition to social media accounts and your studio website, you can set up email and text marketing programs to let people know about upcoming classes and events. Segment your contacts into groups, such as those who have previously registered vs. those who haven’t, and then create email and text campaigns that target these smaller groups.

Remember to ask if they agree to receive email or text notifications from you. Do not ignore any emails and texts with “unsubscribe” requests.

3. Be Strategic with Online Advertising

Using advertising solutions like Google Ads, you can target the right audience. Some programs use algorithms and A/B testing to make sure you’re only reaching those who are interested in your class.

The closer the registration deadline gets, the more you will need to retarget your ads. When you use this approach, you can remind prospective members to sign up before a class sells out if they didn’t the first time around.

4. Organize a Free Online Class

Hold a free online event to get more members to sign up for your studio. For example, before starting a series of beginner vinyasa yoga classes, host a free online yoga class. Use social media and your email and text marketing campaigns to advertise the class. A free online class can provide more information and get people excited about taking more of your online yoga classes.

You finish the class by explaining the advantages of your studio, answering questions, and giving potential members a sense of who you are. Then, you can offer a discount for registration. Make sure you are prepared, enthusiastic, and ready to shine for your free online class.

5. Bring in Well-Known Instructors

Increasing the online yoga class attendance rate might be as straightforward as providing more online yoga classes with a specific instructor. Create more online yoga classes where members can practice with their favorite instructor if that instructor’s classes have consistently been well attended.

You can also team up with well-known local yoga instructors and studios for online lessons and events. Their members may sign up for your online classes as they become familiar with your name, studio, and teaching style.

6. Use Coupons and Deals to Boost Attendance During Slow Periods

In many yoga studios, participation is lower in off-peak hours. Take advantage of slow hours to increase online yoga class attendance by offering deals and coupons.

When you send a text or email to potential members about your four classes for a $40 offer, if they sign up within the next 48 hours on Thursday afternoon, they may sign up for a class they would not have otherwise taken. Any discount is not going to hurt the overall online yoga class attendance.

7. Create Incentives for Members

As a business, it is important to maintain consistent levels of member attendance. A referral program, for example, can motivate members to invite friends and family.

If your members are new to yoga, inviting their friends and family to your lessons can ease them into practice. You can invite members to bring a friend for one online yoga class a week, and you can set up special online partner yoga classes for members to bring their friends.

Using referral software will help you encourage your members to spread the word about your classes. Additionally, you can create a loyalty program that includes birthday gifts and early bird registration for yoga retreats. All these programs can be used to increase the online yoga class attendance rate without having to spend more time on it.

Increasing Online Yoga Attendance Will Take Time

If your online yoga class attendance rate fluctuates, don’t be disappointed. There are several factors that affect class attendance, from the holidays to tax season to school vacations. As you plan your marketing strategy, keep in mind the same principles you teach your yoga classes – patience, compassion, and steadiness – and you will reap the rewards.

Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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