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The Best Way To Get New Massage Bookings – Easy And Affordable Way, Broken Down Into 5 Steps

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How do you get new massage bookings?

If you are running a massage therapy business, this question probably often comes to mind. Sometimes, new bookings can mean growing a business, while in other cases, a business’s survival can depend on them.

When dealing with this challenge, the first thing that might come to your mind is focusing on ads and building brand awareness on social media.

This is a method that works, but sometimes it can be too slow and expensive.

However, most massage businesses forget about one affordable source of new bookings available to them: past clients.

It may seem like a strange idea to focus on people who once used your services and didn’t become the most loyal clients, but according to Marketing Metrics, you have up to a 70% chance to re-engage inactive clients as opposed to a 5-20% chance to attract new ones.

Your previous clients expressed a need for your services in the past, so most likely, that need still exists. They are already familiar with your expertise and how skillful you are and, thanks to that experience, it is much easier to engage them.

Winning back previous clients helps you regain lost profit and decreases the need to invest in expensive marketing campaigns to acquire new clients. To more easily win back past clients, we broke down campaigns into five simple steps.

1. Find out why they are past clients.

The first step in solving any problem is to clearly identify the problem.

Clients leave for different reasons such as bad experiences, prices, or too hectic lives(which means it’s the perfect time for a massage)!

How can you find out what is the case for your clients?

Here are 3 easy ways:

Reviews: Check out your reviews to see if clients indicated some kind of problem with your business.

Private feedback: If you collect feedback from your customers or frequently ask them about their experience, try to determine a pattern that may be causing them to stop visiting your business.

Listen to your clients: In most scenarios, there is nothing wrong with your business, and there isn’t a particular reason that causes them to leave. In most cases, your clients totally forgot or didn’t have time to take care of themselves and relax.

2. Segmentation

If you are collecting data about your clients, you can use that data to segment past clients. Segmentation will make it possible for you to make more personalized offers and messages that will see more engagement than a generic, one-fits-all campaign.

How to segment your clients.

The types of segmentation you utilize are highly connected to the data you collect. Some of the most straightforward segmentation are:

  • Previous services.
  • Latest activity.

Segmentation based on previous services.

Since your previous clients have already sampled your services, you could segment them based on their favorite type of massage. For example, some clients prefer a sports massage instead of a deep tissue massage. This kind of data can help you to send more personalized and appealing offers to your former clients.

Segmentation based on the latest activity.

Another form of segmenting your clients is based on their activity level with your business. You don’t want to send the same message to people who visited your business in the last 3 months than you do to those who visited a year ago.

3. Forming a strategy

Once you have a clear image of which type of previous clients you want to target, you can easily craft your win-back campaign.

Sometimes, a simple reminder is all that is needed, such as a “We miss you“ email. This works best for clients who have never complained about your services but simply stopped coming.

Clients who left your business because of prices are more likely to return if you offer them a discount on their favorite type of massage.

For some clients, such as those who were unsatisfied with your service, your best chance to win them back is to inform them of a new type of massage you are offering or that you have improved existing services.

4. Win-back campaign

After completing your first three steps, you now have everything you need to execute your win-back campaign. You can reach out directly to every previous client individually (which some clients appreciate), but the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Whether you would like to launch an email or a text campaign, you can find software that will help you effectively complete the task in just a few clicks.

Need help? For busy owners who don’t have time to manually reach out to past clients, Referrizer allows you to automate your campaign so you can win back clients easier. Here, you can schedule a one-on-one, personalized demo to find out how Referrizer can make your win-back campaign successful.

Before launching your text campaign make sure that past clients are opted-in to receive promotional messages from you.

5. Keep track of results

Sometimes despite your best efforts, you won’t manage to launch a successful win-back campaign on your first try.

That’s why it is important that you have easy access to your campaign results, which clearly indicate its performance.

Using those results, you can easily find room for improvement to make your win-back campaign more effective and eventually receive more engagement.

The important thing to remember is that the purpose of your win-back campaign is not to bring back every single previous client. The goal is to bring back clients with high lifetime value that will make a difference in your monthly revenue.

Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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Marko Zivanovic

Content Manager

I use engaging words and strategic approaches to create content that converts.

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